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What is G-SYNC?

Many of the content in this website is talking about G-SYNC compatible monitors. But what really is G-SYNC? well G-SYNC is from NVIDIA a technology that syncs the monitor's refresh rate with the graphics card's frame rate.

But what does G-SYNC actually do? The monitors we know comes with a fixed or set refresh rate(60Hz, 100Hz, 144Hz). So if you have a 100Hz monitor it is refreshing the screen 100 times a second to create the image.

G-SYNC enables the display's refresh rate to adapt dynamically according to the pressure given by the graphics card.

With this, G-SYNC terminates the screen stuttering and tearing for the best as long as the Frames Per Second rate stays in the range of the dynamic refresh rate starting at 30Hz/FPS up to the highest possible refresh rate the monitor has.

Finally, here a list for G-SYNC System Requirements

NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate requirements:

  • G-SYNC capable graphics card – minimum GTX 1050

  • G-SYNC Ultimate capable monitor with at least 1,000-nit peak brightness, DCI-P3 color gamut, and full-matrix backlight

  • DisplayPort 1.4

  • Variable overdrive, refresh rate overclocking, and ULMB

NVIDIA G-SYNC requirements:

  • G-SYNC capable graphics card – minimum GTX 650 Ti Boost

  • G-SYNC capable monitor

  • DisplayPort 1.2


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